Wholesome Paws Co.

For this project, the goal was to create a healthy unique dog treat brand for dogs small, medium, and large.


Wholesome Paws Co. is a company that sells dog treats based on the size of the dog. Dogs at certain sizes need specific nutrients for their body and mind, especially when they are still growing. These dog treats target dog owners who want a healthy way to reward their dog. The handwritten typefaces add to the friendly feeling that this company wants to give off. Each type of dog treat has an illustration of a breed of dog that fits into the size category. A dachshund for the small, a corgi for the medium, and a golden retriever for the large.



Below are mockups and diecuts of the packaging to show the process of the stages. The colors chosen for the packaging relate to what flavor the treats are. Vibrant colors are matched with a muted version of the color to add contrast.



The goal was to create a video that really showcased the feel of the business and to introduce what the company is all about. This commercial includes an overview of each dog treat based on size. The fast movements and upbeat music help convey the overall fun feel of the company.