Southwest Campaign

For this project, the goal was to come up with a concept and message that fit the target audience. Flying can cause a lot of uneasiness from the thought of being 35,000 feet in the air to the many scandals other airlines have been involved in. Southwest wants their customers to feel like they can trust and love an airline again. 

The Three Ads


For the first ad, the Southwest plane is surrounded by heart shaped clouds to show a sense of protection and love while they are in the air. The second ad shows the plane seat with a plush heart pillow. The last ad shows luggage to express that you get to check 2 bags for free because Southwest is understanding that sometimes there is a lot to bring on a trip.





Traditional Media

The three ads were put into billboards. The billboards were put in similar settings that the ads revolve around to show that no matter where the customers see it , the message is still the same. It is a way to relate to where people are. 



Social Media

The Instagram account contains the hashtag #ShareTheLove to get people to come together and think about their positive experience while traveling with Southwest. Every time you use the hashtag, you will win a chance to get a roundtrip ticket to Hawaii. This gives people incentive to share their story and get the message out there. The instagram is branded with mostly blues, all the pictures have the same overlay on them to get a cohesive feel.