Sam Fender 

Sam Fender is a fairly new artist from the United Kingdom that does not quite have a brand that fits his music. The challenge was to develop three covers for three of the songs based on the narrative the lyrics gave and to come up with a new logo.


Fender is a popular brand of guitars so the best option was to focus on his firstname: Sam. It is in a script font to portray his smooth soulful voice.His last name is smaller underneath. The typeface is meant to be simple and go along with the more edgy lyrics in his song. 


Cover Art

Play God describes a Dystopia of being watched all the time and having no control. The use of illustration and texture was used to push the dystopia and the hand shows a sense of stuggle within. Greasy Spoon is a mostly third person narrative description of a woman’s professional life, commute and daily struggles. The cover art includes a woman with their identity covered. The song title is written on a piece of masking tape and placed over the eyes to represent hardship and struggle. Leave Fast is a song that describes Fender’s hometown and his desire to leave it so running into the darkness showcases that feeling.