Project Interior App

For this project, the goal was to develop a concept of an app through human-centered design approach and create an interactive prototype. 

The Challenge

The challenge was to develop a concept for a mobile app design based on a specific person. Once a user was chosen, research was conducted to learn more about them and come up with an idea for the app that would benefit them in some way. 


The Journey

For my first research method, I composed a list of questions that I wanted to ask my user in order to get more information on what kind of app would benefit them. I asked questions about her job as a CNA at a hospital. I asked her about some hobbies that she has or would like to have as well as a few questions relating to her phone/app usage. As i asked her these questions, I made sure to jot down notes about the responses in order to get an accurate record. For my second method, I chose the Five Whys, a series of question about a topic to get a deeper understanding. I was able to pick up on patterns that eventually lead me to the concept.

Design research helped me get a better structure of how to collect information from my user. It allowed for me to get a better understanding of my user. If i hadn’t gone through the interview process of it all, I probably would have not come up with the same concept. I was able to take from her answers and not assume anything about her. 


The low-fidelity paper prototype was a great way to jumpstart the basic layout of the app’s interface. Actually going through the testing stage with other people proved to help me figure out what was working and what was not. Transitioning into the high-fidelity digital prototype was not as complicated as I intended it to be because the paper prototype was very helpful. 


The Insight

From the information from the two methods I used, there were some things that stood out:

•Her love for interior design but not being able to do it as much

•She loves to shop and save money while doing it

•She is a very organized and social person

All of this lead to the idea of an interior design shopping app. 

From there I found some other interior design apps to see what was already out there. I chose three apps that fell into the same category my app would be in and weighed the pros and cons of each. After this, I was able to come up with a list of tasks that go well with what I wanted my app to allow the user to do. 

This human-centered approach really opened my eyes to what it takes to create an app. Sizing of text and icons is a big part of it and going through the prototypes both on the computer and on paper was helpful when using your finger or mouse to tap on things. Having the prototype to the similar size of an actual iphone really guided me towards what was accurate and what needed some changes. Having the user that the concept was based upon was a huge help in my decisions. It is great to have people who aren’t designers give feedback. Sometimes as a designer it is easy to get caught up in the details so it is nice for someone to test it out to see if the flow of the app is working the way it should. 


App Concept

This app is essentially an interior design app that allows you to design your dream room or use your own photos of a room in your house to shop for items you would want to add to your home. The purpose of this app is to make the user have a fun experience creating a room using furniture/accessories from nearby stores at discount prices. It includes a lot of organization and provides the opportunity to connect with others for advice and inspirations. This app is for people who have an interest in interior design and/or want to be able to have a place to create potential spaces.


Name & Icon

The name, Project Interior, gives a clear message as what to expect with this app by using the word interior in it.

The icon can be seen in different ways. It sort of tricks the eye with the gradient. It can be seen as a floating box or a corner of a room. It is an intriguing visual the pairs nicely with the name.


App Store Description


Project Interior: Jumpstart your Renovation

Do you have ideas about redecorating a room in your home, but you don’t know where to start? Well, Project Interior is an easy way to get tips, inspiration, and deals on your plans for renovations all in one place! 


With Project Interior you can:

Connect with Interior designers to get feedback on your ideas

Look through a feed of room designs from people all over to get inspired

Shop for furniture at local stores and get price comparisons and discounts

Take photos of your own room to get a realistic look of how the items will look in your space


Key words:

Interior Design, Designers, Shopping, Furniture, Rooms, Inspiration, Deals, Decorate, Renovation


The Main Three Tasks

1. Connect with designers

2. Design your room

3. View items and savings


Prototype Link

Here is a link to the prototype for the app made with Invision.








Task 1: Connect With Designers

This task allows you to search for designers, local or not, and get feedback or tips directly from them. You can also view their profile to get inspiration from them.


Task 2: Design Your Room

This task allows you to take a picture of your own space and choose furniture/items from local stores to place in the area.


Task 3: View & Save

 This task allows you to view details on items such as a brief description of the item, places it is available and how far away, and a price comparison between stores. Once you select the item you can click on coupons/sales that are linked to that item.