Mr. Greeny’s Mission App

For this project, the goal was to develop a edutainment app for children. It is a superhero themed recycling app. 

The Concept

The concept of this app was to get children learn about recycling while keeping it fun for them. This super hero themed recycling app allows them to gain more knowledge on recycling without it being boring for them. This app is different from what is already out there. It is definitely more engaging for kids by including characters and an overall theme. It allows for the child to do things like be involved in missions and receive rewards. There are other characters known as the Green Team that the child is introduced to and has the option to pick one of them. The logo and icon contain a layered looking mask with eyes to represent Mr. Greeny.  Bright fun colors were chosen to make children more excited about what they are doing. Greens and blues that are usually related to recycling and earth were used without being too expected.


Meet The Characters

The child will be introduced to each member of the Green Team. When a character is shown, a “fun fact” about recycling accompanies them with a visual representation of the fact to keep the child interested.


Play The Game

Once each character is introduced, the child can pick who they want to be in the game. There are different missions that they can complete and multiple levels with each mission. Once the child picks a mission, they will get visual instructions for how to play the game. Mr. Greeny will let them know when they get something right or wrong and encourage them to keep playing while the learning carries on in the game. 


Earn Rewards

When the mission is complete, the child will have the option to see the rewards they unlocked or carry on to the next level. In this case, the reward is a new mask design. They can choose to put it on that character or save it for later. The rewards allow the child to customize their own kind of character.