Lock N Key

For this project,  the goal was to create a modular typeface based off some sort of object. Once we came up with what all the letters of the alphabet were going to look like, we then used the typeface to create an event poster that fits with the look. 


My typeface that I created called Lock N Key was inspired by elements of a skeleton key. The part of the key called the bit is featured in all of the letters. The inside corners of the letters are rounded to represent the keyhole otherwise known as the bow. This kind of typeface would be considered as a display typeface. It would work best as titles on posters and such. 

 Event Poster

The objective for this project was to either create or find an event that applies to the modular typeface created in the last project and create a poster for it. The goal was to create a visually interesting design for the text-based poster. The biggest challenge was adding color to the poster. The initial idea was lacking contrast, only having gray and black. Escape Challenge is an organization that gives people of all capable ages to participate and work together with teammates to complete a mission and escape the room. The black background against the bright, almost neon colors was inspired by the event’s website. Mostly dark colors were used, and a vibrant red was used as an accent color. For the poster, each specific mission had colors influenced from what the mission was about. The texture in the title was done to give the poster an edge. Also, the texture makes the title stand out in a different way, as opposed to just adding a color to it. The reason for the lines came from the idea of a maze. The maze and escape room have the same goal, to get out of there the best way possible. The lines were repeated a few times with a lesser opacity to create a texture for the poster. The type was placed in between the line path to create a flow to the design. All the lines lead to the focal point of the design- the title.