Crumbles Cookies

For this project, the goal was to create a packaging design. I decided to make this to do a redesign for an existing company called Crumbles Cookies. This project consisted of a designing a new logo, creating a design for three different flavors and taking pictures of them mocked up. 


Crumbles Cookies is a company that sells baked goods, mostly consisting of cookies.The goal was to rebrand the company to have more of a fun aspect to it while maintaing a homemade bakery feel. Warm colors of pink were used to represent the warm feeling of enjoying a cookie. The colors also pair well with the brown tones of all the flavors of cookies. The animated version of the logo helps bring the company to life with the elements of the logo, illustration of a cookie, and upbeat music.





The website contains all of the elements of the rebrand, such as the colors, illustrations, and logo elements. On this site, you can browse flavors of the cookies, learn about the company, and order cookies online to be shipped to your home.



For this cookie package design, the cookie bags are used as to-go bags for the what you purchase at the store. The company’s vision and mission statement are on the package placed in a cookie shape and circle to keep the theme going and shape of the cookie.