Creative Confection

For this project, the goal was to create a brand identity for a fictitious company. This project consists of a logo with a tagline, mockup non-active website pages, and a menu.


Creative Confection is a modern dessert shop for people who are intrigued by taking basic dessert items to the next artistic level.The goal was to give customers a different kind of bakery or dessert shop that exceeds the expectations of a place that sells desserts and to bring in a creative aspect. Elements of both food and art were incorporated into the logo because of the idea of an artsy dessert shop. A cookie and a paint palette in the middle were set side to side for their mostly round similar shape. Since the palette has an inward curve to it, a bite out of the cookie gave the two objects a balance. The shop is meant to be more modern so the colors are soft pastels, nothing that shouts at you while still maintaining a fun look that would appeal to anyone interested in the idea of mixing art and desserts. 



For the menu, the logo is shown on the cover with the tagline and graphics of a paintbrush and spatula to incorporate and enhance the idea behind the shop of desserts/baking and creating art.


Web Pages

For the mockup web pages I created a unique design that highlighted the main theme of the company. Since the business is an art and dessert combination shop, it was important to incorporate elements like the spatula and paintbrush illustrations to help communicate the creative aspect of it. The colors still keep it classy and modern so people have an idea of what is expected when they come to Creative Confection.